She also enjoys role-plays, uniforms, bondage and kinky stuff.
cam girl Huntress

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Do you like a real woman? Like those with big boobs and even bigger booty? The women that knows what she is talking about, has her share of experience and has a voluptuous body that you can't wait to kiss and touch? You should give Huntress a visit!

Huntress sees herself as sweet, joyful, sensitive, romantic, independent, confident, funny, sensual, flexible in mind, creative and charming. I would add tons of charisma and self-esteem. Huntress might have couple of kilograms extra, but she sees it as an advantage, not a curse. You can find plenty of skinny dummy girls. She is unique and special.

This lovely girl with her big blue eyes loves to drink tea. But don't think she doesn't have a naughty side! Just wait until she offers to give a striptease and enjoy what she has to offer. She likes wearing laced panties and having REALLY big orgasms. She also enjoys role-plays, uniforms, bondage and kinky stuff. She also doesn't say no to double penetration, oil or pee show. Huntress is lot of fun to be with.

Huntres is also great companion. She is not in her teen years anymore and her opinion and nature reflects her noble personality. She carries no bad emotions, doesn't get jealous and envious. She loves her body just the way it is and she treats it with respect. She also expect respect from her followers. Once you show her you like her, she will make sure that you won't leave unsatisfied and cum at least once.


Age: 27
Origin: Caucasian
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 78 kg

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