How to get your favorite CAM GIRL NAKED and WET for you!
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Looking for a needle in a haystack

Have you ever come across some of these webcam sites and thought to yourself that it would be great to check out the girls? Maybe you want someone to talk to or maybe you want act out a kinky fantasy.

I have spent over a year and half on just about every cam site on the internet. I have researched sites like LiveJasmin,, Streamate,… just to name a few of the many. Sure - most of them have hot girls. Too bad they aren’t always LIVE. Many sites have models working from home with bad cams and lighting. Most of the time, you get ignored in their "free" chat system unless you pay $2.99 or more, as these models are working more than one site at a time. So, unless you are paying, you are wasting your time! Trust me; it happened to me a lot!

Flirt4Free charges $6.00 a minute! Then you have sites like, they don’t even tell you how much it is going to cost! They only allow you to add funds to your account.

The minimal being $10 and the maximum being $100. First, you must add funds, then you take the girl private without even knowing her fee! Streamate girls charge anywhere between $2 - $5 per minute! LiveJasmin charges between $2 - $4 a minute! Again, let me emphasize that with these sites, the girls are working multiple sites at the same time, so if you are in free chat, expect to get ignored. They focus only on VIPs and customer ready and willing to take them private immediately!

I could spend days on the various cam sites that are complete shams or those that make it impossible for you to get a girls attention ...but I WON’T because this is all about getting to the climax.
In my search for the ultimate cam site, I wanted a site where I actually felt like I had a girl who wanted me and was MINE (without having all the hassles of an actual girlfriend) I finally found MY ULTIMATE SITE!

My buddies think I am an idiot for writing this and giving all this info for free. They are seriously worried that there won’t be enough girls to go around. I know that’s not going to be an issue because MY ULTIMATE SITE always has plenty of seriously hot girls online live! It amazes me how they consistently get the best talent!

By spending so much of my time here and talking with a bunch of these girls I can tell you the secrets I have found that help me get an experience worth.

These little tips, tricks and hints can help you get bonus chat credits, get that special girl to go nude for you, develop special relationships with these girls, etc.

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How MY ULTIMATE SITE will get you off without ripping you off!

First let me say that MY ULTIMATE SITE is always LIVE - NO pre-recorded video feeds like on other sites. It is ALL real time. They will wave to you or blow kisses to you on command. The best part is that it is free to sign up and it is free premium chat. All of MY ULTIMATE SITE’s chat is premium chat. There is NO PAY for private. MY ULTIMATE SITE doesn’t skimp on the quality of the video feeds either! This is primo quality video we’re talking here!

When you check it out you’ll be able to tell the reason this is MY ULTIMATE SITE! Video is important but it won’t matter if you can’t find a serious hottie in the bunch! Because MY ULTIMATE SITE wants to make sure you’re liking who you’re getting!

There is a free preview area where you can watch the girls live - even if they are giving a nude show!
You can read their bios and even see more pictures of them in action BEFORE you use your credits. This way, you know what girls does what and you do not have to waste any of your chat credits on a girl that may not do what you are looking for.

MY ULTIMATE SITE offers a few different chat packages. For the most part, it averages about $1.00 a minute. WITHOUT QUESTION, this is the best pricing ANYWHERE!

When you consider the FEATURES, TALENT and CALIBER of the experience you won’t even think twice!
I found out of all the sites I searched and visited, this site was the ONLY one that provided these crazy rock bottom prices while maintaining premium quality live video feeds, amazing girls and superior customer service!

You will NEVER be ignored by the girls. Now, I want to share with you the secrets I have found to enjoy this site even more. I have found ways to score extra bonus credits and a backdoor to get MORE FREE CREDITS

Tip #1: To be or not to be…yourself?

What is awesome about MY ULTIMATE SITE is that you can be yourself, or you can be the CEO of a major corporation. Fantasy and role playing is a big part of this. This is one of the things that I particularly love about this website. I am able to open different account with different usernames and be someone different each time. It is as anonymous or as involved as YOU want to make it. You can come back every day and play a new part. Build a new relationship or a different relationship with any number of women.

Tip #2: Sign up for the Model Favorite Alerts:

Once you have found that special girl, or girls, MY ULTIMATE SITE makes it easy for you to keep in touch! They have a schedule posted online for all their girls and they also have email and even text message reminders letting you know when your favorite has logged in. I found this makes things super easy. This way, if I am watching television or something, I do not have to stop what I am doing continuously to see if my favorite girls have logged on. I get a special alert.

Tip #3: Let the girls see who you are:

MY ULTIMATE SITE has a tool that will allow you to send a picture of yourself directly to the model of your choice. This is an awesome thing for us! We can send our pictures directly to the models so they can see who we are. Or, if you want to stay in “character”, send a picture of someone else! Either way, she’ll never know!

Tip #4: Getting a model nude:

In my research for MY ULTIMATE SITE, I did find there are some girls that are a little shy about getting nude. However, there are ways to try and help them overcome their shyness. Instead of insisting she remove her clothes immediately, talk to her, get her in the mood.
Engage her in deep conversation. I have personally witnessed guys in chat get very verbally abusive with these models. That is not going to get you anywhere. These are real women and just like the real world, they like to feel special before they succumb to you and your every desire. There are also many girls that are ready and willing to give you a full-on show at the moment you enter their room!

Tip #5: You can view the models…..for free!

As I mentioned earlier, MY ULTIMATE SITE offers a free preview area. If you are not sure about what model you want to use your chat credit with, they offer a free preview section where you can view every model online at that moment…ABSOLUTELY free. This way you can choose which model best suits your wants and needs.

WHAT ABOUT THOSE FREE CREDITS?! There are several ways to earn free chat for MY ULTIMATE SITE.
Suggestions are a great way. I remember one particular email I sent it was only to recommend they get audio (which they don’t have yet) they immediately sent me an email back thanking me for my suggestion and gave me FREE chat credits!

One thing I forgot to mention is the customer service at MY ULTIMATE SITE. I have to say that in the many, many sites I have used, MY ULTIMATE SITE has the most sensational customer service- quick to reply and ALWAYS helpful. Other sites take forever to get an answer, and when I did, it was rude and unhelpful. MY ULTIMATE SITE also sends out random emails to customers offering them free chat credits just for being an ongoing customer. I thought this was excellent as well- I NEVER received anything like that from the other sites.

So where is MY ULTIMATE SITE you ask?!

Click the link RIGHT HERE to get your 5 free credits to chat. That is a lot of FREE time to score!