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At Live Top Cams you can enjoy hot girls live on cam from the privacy of their homes and from the professional webcam studios. You can not compare them with the big free cam sites. Live Top Cams members are more like a community. They are loyal and come back to spend some time with their favorite girl. You can find all kinds of age groups here – from the cutest blond teens to sexy stocking- loving GILFs. Most of the girls come from Eastern Europe and Russia. Nice addition are German and Dutch girls. Everyone seem to speak good English.

The main tour reminds me mainstream big cam sites. You can see only the thumps of the models. Once you put your cursor over the image you can see the live preview, type of the show and name of the girl. The main tour offers two types of shows – Free chat and showtime. Free chat rooms are always on the top of the page. You can click on the thumb and talk to the girl. It won't cost you any credits. Before you enter the showtime you always get a pop up asking if you really want in. It's quite handy and doesn't cost you additional credits.

Free chat rooms are always on the top of the page. You can click on the thumb and talk to the girl.

Stream in the shows looks good. Most of the girls broadcast in the HD - High resolution Flash stream allows the members to watch normal screen size and large screen size on amazing high quality. Audio (can be muted) and different different cam angles. The chat also offers whisper on/off mode with the model / other customers, funny smilies, different textcolors, different nicknames. Normal sex shows are included in your membership but if you want the girl to do something special for you, she might ask you to join her in the Private Chat or to buy her a little gift.

All the live girls are really live, you are not looking at some recorded videos. Once you click on a model who is in free show you get linked to her room. On the left side there is a window where we watch her live and on the right side you get a chat where you and other members can talk to the model. By default you are set into a public chat. And if you don't like what you see you can still pick other models. You have basically 2 types private shows. One is private where other members can peek into for 1 credit per min. Private chat costs 3 credits per minute. Then you have the VIP chat, or cam2cam, option where no one else can peek and it costs 5 credits per minute.

I won't judge appearance of the girls. We all have different appetite when it comes to picking a girl. You can find all types of body shapes, boob sizes, hair color, etc. On the top of the site you also have quick search option that helps you with such choices. However all the girls (mostly younger girls) I talked with were nice, talkative and friendly. Some of them were more likely to show some skin than others. Sue and Sienna were especially naughty. You could really see that they enjoy their job :)

Another little thing I like were the profile pages. Here you can find more info about the girls. And it's a good conversational starter. Almost all of the girls have the bios filled. You can also check out their schedule here. That's something you don't see very often. Most of the girls work from studio and they have shifts. It can be handy when you pick your favorite model. You always know when she is online next time. Models can also be reached via personal message and be followed. To follow means you receive an email every time the girl is live. Followed girls get also saved in your profile as favorites.

Under the model stream you can also see live grabs from their previous shows and also some recordings. Live grabs can be downloaded into your pc. Recording of their cam show can be bought by credits. You cannot download them but they get saved in your profile. You can get some pretty nasty videos for couple of credits. You can check all the available recordings in the Video section. Before clicking on buy button you can check all the thumbs and also the preview of the recording. I strongly suggest that because I came across the videos with very low cam quality.

Site also organizes something called events, or shows. Events are hour long shows where first 30 is for always for free. And the girl has to get naked in those 30 min. You can find the event schedule in Event section. However the page is pretty confusing. There is no clear distinction in between which shows have happened and which not. They also are not highlighted in girls' schedules. Maybe an idea for a cool update in the future.

Very important is the credit system. I like the idea of transparent credit system where one credit represent one Euro. Also your credit balance is up to date and gives you info about how much do you spend at the real time. The site uses VXS payment processor and you can get your credits with the credit card or bank transfer (if you are located in Europe). The site also offers various deals and credit combos. They often organize credit sales where you can get 50% credit bonus. You can join the site completely free of charge. No Credit card verification is needed. All you need is working email.

Live top Cams is a site worth checking out. I don't understand why main tour remains the big cam sites so much, especially when they're aiming for different audience, but that's just me. Big plus are transparent credit systems and free join option. Models are cute and talkative and there is plenty of them. I also appreciate the package deals where you can get some extra credits. Once they get rid of the messy member area and add more search option they are ready for success. For now I give it 8 out of 10.

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